jedis1138 asked: Firstly, how are you? (: Secondly have you seen/are you a fan of Dragonball Z Abridged?

I’m not a Dragon Ball Z fan. Not much into anime at all.


hobbies include:

  • playing video games
  • crying over video games
  • buying video game soundtracks
  • talking about video games
  • taking screenshots of video games
  • video games

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The Illogical Vulcan

My name is none of your business, but if you'd like, you're welcome to call me Queenie or Frankie. Even Coffee Girl, if that suits your liking. I am 100% Canadian, a wife and a best friend.

If you find yourself easily offended by things you find on the Internet, I would highly recommend you turn around and stop reading my blog. I am blunt, sometimes rude and I tend to swear... A lot. But, I will not censor myself because of your sensitivity and undying need to feed on drama. I do not respond to Anonymous hate, cyber-bullying or trolls. Anything sent to me that I perceive as 'hate' will be deleted and ignored. Unless you have something constructive to offer me, keep it to yourself.

That seriousness out of the way, I am mainly focused in photography, Achievement Hunter, Urban Exploration, Markiplier, YouTube, Writing and sometimes Roleplaying, depending on my mood. I like science, space, black and white photography, fruit, video games and good stories. I am somewhat friendlier when talking one on one with someone. No one is reading this anymore so I'll just take this moment to give a shout out to The Doctor, Geoff L Ramsey, Santa, Tonto and Pippy Longstocking... Tata.

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